Book Report: Confessions of an Economic Hitman – John Perkins

After reading this book I was shocked and appalled by how incredibly deep the banks, industry and world governments are tied together. John Perkins worked in private industry and with the banks to help set the stage for the dire situation we, the people of earth, are faced with today. This book is exciting, informative and I highly recommend it as a good place to start reading about the “corporatocracy“.

The corporatocracy are the financial elite who currently control the destiny of nations of all sizes who mostly use subtle methods like the media and loans, but also use techniques such as assassinations, and wars.

He covers topics such as setting up loans for small countries from large banks that would a few years later effectively turn the smaller states into ‘slave states’ for the global empire. These loans would be given with economic forecasts John Perkins and his fellow economic hitmen would design showing how the economy of the nation would boom after the money was used to build power plants, highways and factories. John admits that he didn’t do his job if the country didn’t eventually default on the loan.

John wrote this book at great personal risk with the intent of starting to atone for the misdeeds of his life, and to help put and end to the already on edge global empire. I commend him for his efforts.

Overall the goal of this book was to help people, like you and I to wake up to world events, and to try to work to make the world as we want it. This requires that we find our voice, grow up and start to live more intelligently and holistically. This requires a lot of effort that the current mode of existence most of us exist in, but the value of living an authentic life is immeasurable.

Thanks John for the great book! You are doing some fantastic work out there.

You can find more information on John Perkins here.

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