A short response to the current media attention towards Paris Hilton.

Hi America, Just a quick reminder here that there are problems in the world other than Paris Hilton that merit far more attention.

Let me start off with a short list of atrocities that most likely happened as recently as a few hours ago.

How many people died in Iraq last night, or are now homeless due to bombs.

How many people were killed by genocidal governments yesterday and today in Africa.

How many women in China were forcibly sterilized in the last few hours.

How many children died yesterday due to not having clean water and food.

How much money worth of drugs did Congress do combined last night?

How many Palestinian children did Israeli soldiers use as body shields yesterday?

How much money did the US spend on researching and building new nuclear weapons yesterday? (Is it illegal for this country to build more of these? YES!)

The list could go on and on and on, but I will stop here. Hopefully my point is illustrated, and some of you can tell that the TV + crap news has trapped your brain in a little box that it controls. Don’t think about the real stuff, this news is what you really want to know about……

Best of luck!

Don’t forget that the highest truth and principle is love… without it we would all be lost.

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