Arresting politicians…

Wow, so this article is a nice Monday read.

It suggests that any person in government (“public servant”)trying to pass a retro-active law, should be jailed per the US Constitution. They took the oath to uphold this, so should be held accountable. Making large companies immune to laws that they previously broke.

This reminds me of two funny things I’ve read recently.

Congressmen should have their terms redefined. 1 year of service, 1 year in jail.
Another is something I can’t remember, but it was related to the probability towards “kinks”.

We should have weekly meditation sessions and monthly breathwork sessions for all of these guys.

Terrence McKenna said once that politicians are largely irrelevant based on how quickly technology is growing. It is running so much faster than they can keep up with.

Timothy Leary
once said that modern politics is so slow that it doesn’t meet our needs. He posited that the US government should be run from a glass pyramid filled with computers, and that it should be 100% transparent so that we know we are safe from it.

Hopefully some day we can trust government… when? Tomorrow? I hope.