How to survive huge near earth asteroids.

I just read an article titled “Reporter: Planetary Projection” in the April 2008 issue of SEED and it discussed NEOs (near earth objects) as still being a risk to humanity. It is certainly being overlooked and underfunded, as are all things that could save human lives and future culture.

A while back, discovery channel aired a documentary on the asteroid that hit northern siberia in 1908. Here is a wiki link on that blast.

Apparently according to the article the US funds the majority of the NEO research. Due to funding limitations (war funding takes precedent), NASA is being deprived funding, and a few key observatories are being shut down, thus putting the planet at greater risk of incident. That said, some experts speculate that if one is going to hit us, chances are very slim that we’ll see it in time to act.

Other nations are continually stepping up their space programs, so maybe they will see that this does pose a risk to the continuity of governments, commerce, and (most importantly?) humanity as we currently know it.

So, what I’m really trying to get at here, is that this is another problem for us humans to solve. In order to solve it, there needs to be adequate funding and a dedicated international team pushing the initiative. The UN is out there for this purpose, but they are corrupt, broken, and have less funding that the US state of New Hampshire.

Maybe something new?
I’m a libertarian at heart, and the solutions are a problem for me, as it makes me struggle with my political belief system (BS). Governments need to be working towards the survival of the planet from just about all possible risks. What would the anarchist Chomsky have to say on this? Arrest the current political and war criminals, and hope that democracy works itself out? Maybe a new form on government that has yet to be tried in modern society?

Stan Grof and other philosophers like Ken Wilber suggest that in order to survive the current problems on earth, we will need to live differently and with a different awareness of who and what we are, and to understand our relation to others. We are all in this together.

Holotropic states initiated through breath work, spiritual practices, and through proper drug use can help us reach the understandings required to survive and to grow into more enriched beings.
This is one of the primary reasons I facilitate workshops. I feel like it initiates a positive change in people who participate. It helps clear old energy blocks, and some times helps people feel more connected to this spaceship earth that we all depend upon.

To cap of this rant I’d like to point you towards a lecture that Stan Grof did on April 29th. Here is the link. I hope you enjoy it.