I’ll be attending my first rave in a couple weeks. It should be a fairly legit one. Its at an American Legion in Cambridge.

What if we took raves and breathwork into churches? This would take advantage of these buildings that are soon to be all but abandoned.

I think I’m going to start shopping around for some beautiful locations and see if I can have some workshops at them. This could solve a few problems with one action. Recycling buildings, low rent, more beauty in the workshop space, good locations all over the place. Overall, I’m pretty excited about this concept.

Now the bigger problem would be, how to get a rave inside of a church. I think that would be quite an amazing experience. The priests would have to be sure no one would break shit, and it would be clean in the morning. More thoughts on this soon. Maybe a Unitarian church would be the best place to start??

**Update** This was canceled because the Legion lied to the organizer about them having a beer license + the ability to have events like this. Oh well.