Malkuth – My first experience with Enochian magick

On 10/28 I attended an Enochian class at the Knights Templar Oasis (OTO) in Salem, MA.

Before the class I had a meal and a stout at a local restaurant. Then I drank a red bull very quickly before getting to the class so I would stay awake. I hid the red bull when I entered the temple, because I thought they would get nervous about my heart blowing up, then I realized I could play it off as if I was a hardcore soft drink drinker, and this would work as a cover if they confronted me. This is one expression of my paranoia. :O)

Two guys ran the class, and did a pretty good job. It was fun to get together with 13 people to do a group working with the Enochian aethers. The class leaders explained that their original plan to skry all the elemental aspects of all the aethers, but that this would take a decade. So the plan now is to skry all of the aspects of the spheres on the tree of life on the lowest of the Enochian aethers, TEX. This is something that can be completed in a reasonable amount of time, about ten months if there is a class once a month.

This was an interesting thought, as I previously thought that Kaballah and the enochian system did not have anything to do with each other. The class leaders explained that many commentators on the kaballah suggest that the tree of life can be used as a classification system
for just about anything. This appears to be the case after thinking about it further. No mention was made of other groups who had done this in the past. If there were, it would be interesting to compare the results of this series of classes to other classes.

We skipped over introducing ourselves and cut right to instruction after wine was passed around. The wine seemed pretty funny to me, especially because of the danger
that some people suspect they are in when they start to practice enochian magick. When I was offered wine, I said, no thanks, I drank before I came. This got a small laugh from a few people. One lady said I was already ‘fortified’ if I drank before I came.

The event started with a banishing ritual I had not seen before. It was certainly a thelemic ritual as those were the god names used.

We began a chant together as a group. It lasted for about 4 minutes. The person leading the class recited the call, we stopped chanting, he recited it again. The chant used was designed by Lon Milo Duquette and published in his new book Enochian Vision Magick.

At this point we began to skry. For those who may not know, the simplest and most basic method for this is to close one’s eyes and use that dark surface to see if anything manifests.

For the first couple minutes I had no visuals, but I had some other sensations.

Momentarily I was fairly sure that nothing was going to happen, and that I was putting hope and energy in the wrong direction. This was soon appeared to be a naïve perspective. The first sensation I had was a pressure sensation on the front of my body. It was fairly large in terms of surface area, but the pressure was mild. The sensation or feeling I noticed in regards to the pressure was one of pregnant void, or what appeared to be a highly energetic void. After this, my focus was lost, and I had to come back to this sensation and to the skrying surface. In my visual range, I saw lots of lights moving in rhythmic patterns, and I thought some one was playing a joke on me with a flashlight, but I opened my eyes and nothing was there. Colors continued to move around as if it was some sort of psychedelic experience. This was quite interesting, and I’m not sure what this means. One observations was that the colors were not like a 60s type bright color moving, but more of a dark one. The colors I remember were black red and yellow. A slight pressure on my third eye began to come into my attention. The pressure seemed to increase slightly the more I focused on skrying visually. This was interesting, as I have had this sensation a number of times while in meditative states.

After the skrying was finished, we recorded our observations in journals. This took a few minutesl, and we began to share. Some of the people’s visions in the room were far more vivid than mine. I suspect this may be because they are more open, or that they are more advanced in an initiatory sense. Some visions had similarities, others didn’t. Two people had visions like mine that were very abstract. One vision was about 90% similar to mine. No one reported the same body sensations.

Overall, a very good experience, and I will be going back for more, and learning the Enochian System on my own.