Beer photo from NYE

Check this out. Really cool MACRO photo of my home brew called Sherpa Pale Ale. Look at the head on it. Click it for high res.

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4 thoughts on “Beer photo from NYE”

  1. nice!

    where is the second batch?! although I have been slacking lately in that arena as well so I probably shouldn’t talk…

  2. scratch that, just pulled the trigger on the kits for my next two batches:

    Scottish Wee Heavy & California Common

    time to step up production at SquamyBrew South or maybe LongPond Brewing LLC?

    LPB LLC brought to you by JPM V?

  3. we’ll see…. lol. I should really get in there and go for the gold.

    I seem to have the Midas touch lately. 1 for 1 with the homebrew.

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