intro to permaculture

So, I'm leading a group meeting tomorrow on Permaculture, and I needed to catch up on what it is and why it is important. This is for the up and coming Evolver Boston group, that I'm helping to get rolling in the area.

One of the co-founders of it is Bill Mollison, I did a youtube search for him and found tons of stuff.

Some of the other videos I watched complemented the wikipedia article nicely.

Temperate Permaculture Strategies – Pt1

What is permaculture – 8 minutes
Urban/suburban permaculture, informative
– 5 minutes

Hope you find permaculture as interesting as I do. These are forest garden systems that you can leave alone for multiple months in a row… fantastic stuff.

4 replies on “intro to permaculture”

  1. i will need to discuss this with you at greater length some time soon.

    i got some prime real estate on my property to give this a serious shot i think….

    hmmmm yiiiiiisss

  2. Yes sire.

    Lets really get proverbially “in there”

    I watch some of those youtube clips to get real psyched.

    If I could, my house would have been like this…. having to conform to market trends is a drag.

  3. that would be gnar.

    are you gonna be able to get up here at all this weekend?

    i saw you got unh graduation on your gcal…

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