Bonnaroo recap – woooooooooo!

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Super fun trip to Bonaroo. I was so tired for a week after this trip, that I even had to go home sick once for fear of actually getting sick.
Incredible venue, and I’ll certainly do it again. The best part was really seeing how happy everyone was to be around others who were into the music, shopping, drinking, learning about eco-stuff, and just overall having a good time.

Triumph the insult comic dog really did his thing well there. Love him, lol. He was trolling the porta potties when I saw him trolling around. So funny.

Sleep deprivation was really how the trip went for me, drank 2 beers the whole time which seem kind of lame to me, but there was no way I could have pulled off what I did while drinking/partying. Stayed up till 4am after only like 3 hrs of sleep the night before and 2-4 hours of sleep the following night. Really beat the shit out of myself that way, but the shows + awesome acts were worth it.

Highlights included coheed and cambria, mars volta, wailing souls, random freakshows, bare feet, minimal sunburn, and the spontaneous art that poped up everywhere.

Disapointments included: Bruce Sprinsteen and MGMT (especially bummed that they didn’t meet my expectations). MGMT was actually the primary reason I wanted to go.

Phish was good, but the Fenway (Boston) set I got to see was so much better that it didn’t really seem to compare.

I’m certainly going to return, but I’ll tie it into a rock climbing trip and a longer vacation next time. Maybe I’ll hook up with some existing “CAMP” to make the experience cooler/weirder.

Only time will tell.

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