My Film Project.

Starting April 7th, I am making my way across the country to document permaculture sites, and people doing transition town work across the country.
The two spots I hope to visit at this point are CRMPI in Colorado, and The EcoVillage Training Center in Tennessee. The folks in Boulder who are doing transition work are heavily active in transition, so if time permits, I will visit with them and document their work.
For the film I am planning to showcase American permaculture leaders, their gardens, and their thoughts on the state of permaculture in 2010. It is also a primary objective to take footage of mature or maturing permaculture gardens.
The reason for putting this film together is to show that permaculture is exciting and works in our modern world. In order for permaculture to become more mainstream, videos and various types of media need to pervade the mindscape of mass culture. Making films is one positive way to do this.
I am very excited for this project to get rolling! More news when I have some.

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  1. i am willing to donate my 'back 40' if you want some material about a brand new permaculture attempt for your film.

    well talk when you get back on the right coast

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