Gushing about the men behind the robot suits.

If you have known me for any period of time, you probably have heard me discuss my love for Daft Punk. You may have also seen me create a new dance for Daft Punk song every time it comes around. Once I danced solo for about 6 hours while listening to Daft Punk on some one’s porch. It is as if they help to secrete the hidden Dionysian funk from the secret corners of one’s brain to the rest of one’s body.
The album that got me hooked via Grooveshark – Homework!!!!!

Needless to say, they have been a huge influence on my life. Discussing them while in high school, with peers, I was told that people only listen to that while on ecstasy. I was in strong disagreement with this person, but then understood how wrong everyone else was about music.

I got the sub woofers for my Volvo, and spread the gospel of electronica far and wide. Dancing super hard, getting injured from dancing that way, and having exciting hilarious times every night was the root of the thing I was trying to spread. Eventually this bled from high school to college, where I involved myself with far too much drinking… to the point of ending up like this “Bad BOOM BOOM BABA” guy

Anyway. Daft Punk is coming around again. Can’t wait. Their new soundtrack to TRON should be good. I saw the trailer last night, and it got me 100% super soaked to see it and to hear their new songs. The duo got a ton of funding, and resources (an orchestra!) to create it.

The 2011/2012 world tour should prove to be most excellent, and expensive. Rumors abound that they are playing at Disney….which could prove to be either fully awesome, or a corporate slob fest. Any corporate sponsors want to send me on tour? I’ll get most of it on film for you, I promise it will be great for TV.
Wiki to dispel the mysteries.
Official Daft Punk website

Some remixes
Too Long!
A whole ton
Around the world remixed by Kid Dub

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  1. it’s true….6 hours straight on the squamywood deck…once “short circuit” started playing there was no stopping you

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