Algea and Idea salad – New ideas for Evolver Boston – Mashing ideas for social good.

Algea - the green stuff.
A couple of ideas integrated for me this morning.
Wanted to share them with and my own blog as this is one of the few places I can.

Starting Cooperatives Or non-profit cooperatives is a great way to gain access to spaces that would allow people to do research and development work on green or spiritual technologies. If there is also an aim of reaching out to the public and educating people and children in schools, there is a great likelihood of getting funding assuming the idea isn’t too far out.

Could Evolver Boston and a few dedicated people act as a catalyst for founding a number of these groups to research and educate the others? Could these non-profits further support the mission of Evolver? I think so.

A few particular ideas came to mind.
Yesterday’s was the Boston mushroom research and training trust. This would allow us to create a curriculum or workshop training people in the various ways or growing mushrooms for medicine or food. Develop an advanced workshop for agar and more sterile techniques, as well as an advanced bio-remediation workshop.

Another great idea, isn’t really new, but it is a great idea. See Algea Lab’s website. They are an open source cooperative of researchers developing new techniques and technologies to harness to possibilities of algea as food and energy.

Here is an interview about a group starting a housing coop in Boston. I met a member at Bioneers this weekend, and was fully inspired to share the meme set he was presenting.

Another link to share is Scott Kellogg’s book Toolbox for Sustainable City Living. I met Scott and talked to him at length. Very prolific guy, founder of the Rhizome collective in Austin TX, and currently Running RUST in Albany, NY. He gave an amazing talk on Regenerative Technologies that was fully amazing.

Enough ranting from me for today.

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    1. Yea man, a lot of the stuff there could also be used in pretty intensely rural areas to.
      Albany is a good area for them because of how huge the rural areas are and how much suburban sprawl is also right there.
      Scott from RUST was a great guy to meet, and hear present.
      Some day I’ll get my blogging more coherent, but I felt a word salad post was ok for today.

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