Evolver? Here is why.

Evolver is a very interesting movement that I’ve been involved with for a while now. There was a thread on Evolver.net in which some one posed a question about what is it that we are really doing, and why are there not any concrete goals. Daniel Pinchbeck offered a response in the comments that I thought was worth re-posting.

Personally, I see there is a lot of value in building a network of communities who share a set of values that are different than the mainstream – who support, for instance, the exploration of non-ordinary states of consciousness for adults; who agree that there shouldn’t be only one single form of currency issued as debt by private banking interests; who do not support the wars and “black ops” performed by US forces and mercenaries around the world; who would like to be part of a rapid shift to a society that integrates ecological design principles such as bioremediation, permaculture, sustainable forestry, etc, and sees the natural world as valuable in and of itself, not simply as a resource for human use.

i would say that there is a multi-stage process: first, let’s build the movement through an engaged, participatory, and educational outreach; then, at some point, let’s see what we can do together to develop a new culture and also a new form of activism that perhaps can be more effective than older forms.

I love the title “evolver” because it points toward continual change and adaptation – I would say that might be part of the core of what we are doing, not just seeking a new stagnant social form, but engaging with society in a dynamic process that doesn’t necessarily have an end goal, but does have the purpose of intensifying and evolving consciousness. I love Barbara Marx Hubbard’s idea that conscious evolution is “the evolution of evolution”: we the human organisms awaken to our role in the evolutionary process, and our ability to steer it.

Via a Blog post on the Evolver Social Movement