A Most Action Packed Weekend – Breathwork, Weddings, and Rumney. – Super late post.

This was a whirlwind weekend. It took me till Tuesday to recover. Got to cover a huge diversity of territory, including breathwork, a wedding, and sport climbing in Rumney NH. Thankfully I had great people with me along the way so everything I did was worth it.

Breathwork started early Saturday AM and went incredibly well. It was a small session I helped to facilitate at home. We had a lot of time in the prior days / weeks to get up to speed on theory and practice, so it didn’t take too long to set the wheels into motion. We came back to earth fairly well and spent some time grounding, sharing, and doing some art to integrate what happened in the session.

After this I was in a mad rush, and got a suit on for a wedding in about 4 minutes, including the time it took to iron some pants. I’m not very talented at ironing. The iron was warm, so this helped tremendously.

The wedding was fun, it was the wedding of an old family friend. She was super happy and the ceremony was in a beautiful and classically styled organ hall. Music is the religion of these people, so it was very awesome to see it tied in so well to the wedding.

They actually hired a band to come from Nashville for the reception. One of the musicians was a champion fiddler, and certainly could rip it up. I thought they were friends of the bride and groom and dressed in grubby tight jeans and sweaters, and was super wrong. These dudes had some super musical style, and were recruited for the wedding after the parents of the bride saw them play at a Bluegrass festival named GreyFox, followed by a second performance at Johny D’s. If I had the name of that band, I’d include it, but lets just say that they were good.

Got in bed at around midnight after packing for climbing, and woke up a short 5.5 hours later to head to the crags at Rumney. Got my act together, made eggs, and headed north with some friends. One of them is a great climber, and the other a novice, but still strong enough to get up a few 5.10 routes on top rope.

It has been raining for about 3 days straight, and just started to dry up, but despite that we wanted to get on a classic 5.10d route called Waimea. It was too wet, and we had to shop around for other routes.

It was soaked and we had to find something else. KJ decided he wanted to climb some routes at Bonsai, which was kind of close to where we were. The air was still super cold and just cold enough to make hands numb, and climbing harder. The climb is titled Centerpiece and its a real beauty of a climb.

We then went to Jimmy Cliff and ripped some more classics. Lonesome Dove, Drilling for Dollars, and Pine Tree Crack.

Overall super fun day. Left the crag at dusk, got home super late, watched some X Files, and then went to sleep. This is how I like to stack my weekends because the working world leaves so much lacking.

(This post is super late because it got caught in my drafts folder here. I think it has something to do with images just starting to function properly on jomo5.com.)

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