Jomo’s January Update

This month has been awesome! Tons of storms have been rolling in keeping me skiing in deep snow for most of the month. I’ve been using a month long pass to Metro Rock in Everett, an awesome climbing gym, attended my first psytrance show, and my dog died…
The various sky gods are clearly happy with us, or at least have been for the last few weeks. The snow has been unreal. Last weekend in particular, we were at Cannon and were absolutely going ape in the woods, It was full tilt mania, and the snow stayed good all day. The supposition was that the super cold temps in the forecast kept people away. No one in our party had any signs of frostbite, so I’m pretty sure it was more than fine to be outside. Check out my post on the White Room Blog for more info on this trip.
Climbing has been going really well. I’m able to finish most v3 problems at the gym now, and have started working on V4 problems. I can climb most 5.10 routes first try, though some of the longer ones require endurance that I’m still developing. Super overhangs, and cave problems are tricky for me, as my upper body, shoulders, etc still need to get bulkier to support that kind of behavior. Its on its way, and I have seen progress in these areas, the more I practice. Currently my favorite routes are balancy thinky problems, where one does not need brute strength, or ninja fingers. An example of this is an 5.11c route that I started working on. It is super techy, and doesn’t reaquire much strength, but mostly technique.
All the routes will be brand new in the bouldering section of Metro Rock Everett on Sunday, super excited about this, and the Newbury port gym, has all new routes since the last time I’ve been there. Overall climbing has really helped the winter bore fest that could otherwise surface.
After the previously mentioned and linked POW fiasco in the Whites, Tobin and I headed home to attend a “rave”. We must use the term loosely here as I am not too hip to the actual electronic show/concert scene. This was a Psytrance show to be most accurate. It is held in a basement level club called Machine, which is one of the more popular gay bars in Boston. The event was certainly of mixed sexual preference, and I could tell right away when I saw a few hilarious trannies immediately after walking down the stairs. (Being from NH, and specifically coming of age in the mountains, this is actually something of note.)
The event design was beautiful, and psychedelic. Neon lights hitting white yarn that had been woven into awesome mathematical patterns. Saw some hilarious and also incredible dance moves, awkward social scenes, and I created a few on my own. Some friends were at the event, and I got to spend some time with them, met a few new people, and we took off totally wiped around 2am. There was an after party going till 6 or 7, but I wanted nothing to do with it, as I was zombified from such a crazy full day.
Rinse, repeat, heading north to the Whites for a 4 day pow bender tonight after work. Wish me luck!

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