Japan, Nuclear Energy, and a Smaller Scale Future.

Well, when they say low amount, you know, you need one millionth of a gram of plutonium inhaled into your lung, to give you cancer. They are measuring the external gamma radiation, running around with Geiger counters. But that doesn’t give you any indication at all of the kind of isotopes which make up the radiation that they are measuring. They don’t know what they are talking about.
Dr. Helen Caldicott – March 25

Nukes in this age of climate change and panic have been pushed by many as the only solution. I tend to think that we are in a position where we can use a suite of known and yet unknown (un-popularized) solutions to solve the energy and climate crisis. Dr Caldicott in this video voices clearly some of the many thoughts she has on the nuclear issue regarding the 2011 Japanese incident which threatens to poison large portions of the planet… if not all of it.

Maybe it is time for more small scale projects to be rolled out, instead of increasingly dangerous solutions. For example this nickel hydrogen reactor pushing 2.5 million watt hours.

It isn’t just about the planet heating up from climate change anymore… its really about not poisoning the earth that grows our food for us… if we poison it enough, where else can we go?

How can we work towards this? How can we work ourselves off of the coal / nuclear habit? Its going to take time, and I’d love to see a Manhattan project sized initiative working us out of this very dangerous slide on which we find ourselves.

More data on Japan here – http://www.undispatch.com/japan-earthquake-tsunami-and-nuclear-crisis-facts-and-figures-2