Homesteading, Camping, Madness and more Conversations on Collapse

A friend emailed me a few months ago, and I’m just getting around to posting it now. We were going back and forth about climate change and peak oil. Both of them seem to be crazy issues that very well may impact civilization heavily.
Here is the email I received.

I feel as if there should be another side to the Evolver front, something much more concrete. Yes the Urban homesteading thing is good and important, I’ve even thought about storing up seeds for some prolonged emergency. I also have to wonder if I’m going insane.

I feel like there might be a need, either in myself or in the world around me, to relearn concrete skills like building things with your hands, or making things. How do you build a wall? How do make your own fabric/sew. Things that indicate self reliance, seem to be an important issue overall, but it almost seems like in the near future, things like: how to get clean water, how to feed yourself if you arent able to go to a grocery store, will become very important.

Then I have to stop myself and wonder: Am I just buying into the madness? If so, I feel that I’m doing so in a reserved way. Yes I have camping gear, and its all pretty new and usable. No I’m not going to get the most expensive sleeping bag and a economical backpack, and waste 500 bucks on a tent, that seems overkill. But yes I’d like to get a decent tent for camping purposes, or just in case I need a shelter asap, and that I can put it together and get inside it you know?

I dont think we’ll be forced to hide in our houses with the shades drawn, doors nailed shut, but it seems like a wise thing to have ready no?

I guess the good thing about going crazy, is that you don’t really know it.

How do we balance our daily commuter lives, and also plan/think about the coming changes to civilization? Big questions and big answers should be asked if we want to respond intelligently.

Personally, I’m working towards becoming debt free, and having a useful skill set that would help get me through some craziness. Maybe I’ll learn first aid? Maybe an EMT class?

Who knows. While we still have fossils left to burn, I plan on taking advantage. Seeing the world, and learning/experiencing as much as possible.

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  1. i admit i had to google urban homesteading to make sure i knew what it was, i guessed right, btw. i think about this type of thing often as i try to figure out where i’ll be in 5 years. although not in quite the same way as the quote above. a similar view, that i have been reading about is ‘new urbanism’. the opposite of urban sprawl and something i think will become necessary in the future.

    1. Yep, new urbanism is a very cool concept. Europe is far ahead of us in this regard. I would love more livable cities. The state of Boston/Camberville is kind of crazy, though mostly human friendly. Its coming. Just going to take a little time.

  2. whoa i think about his alot….gotta start at the source….people are so damn lazy it creates all kinds of problems…starting with not being able to fend for themselves even if they knew how….so educating might not even be enough….people need to actually put down their technology and go outside and get their freaking hands dirty….that would be a good starting point

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