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Last night I had a dream that my bike was stolen. It sucked. At this point I think it’s time that I write a quick blog about it.

The bike is a specialized StumpJumper 29er ht comp. It is a nicer bike than I ever imagined owning, and I’m psyched on it. My other bike seems to weigh twice as much is this one, and those don’t have gears and one is rigid.

One of the primary reasons for buying it is that I really wasn’t biking enough here in the front range mountains of Colorado. The climbs tend to be at least 2 miles in length. On the Fourth of July, we ended up climbing about 5 miles with 1500 feet of vertical.

Needless to say, gears come in handy. For a while I thought I would be a single speed purist, and never ride with gears again. I was wrong.

Two or three weeks back I was riding in Fruita, and loved the hell out of it. The bike was excellent, and the trails were amazing. It was about on par with what I expected for some reason (maybe less than I expected, but still amazing). Temperature was the biggest issue for us. By the time we left Fruita it was about 100°, with minimal shade (I was hiding under small trees to recover). My friend and I woke up early at the free campsite and started biking around 7 AM.

We rode the Ziptty trail backwards, which is quite a feat. Huge sandy steep pushes mixed in with very nice descents on a ridge. I think we did Western zip after this followed by Kessler, chutes and ladders (almost died a few times), and vegetarian. All of these trails were at the 18 Road trailhead. My GPS failed on the ride, so it looked like I rode about 1 mile, but we estimate that it was more like 15 or so.
Looking forward to getting back there soon as possible to try out the Mary’s Road area, and ride 18 Road trails again.

My bike
Fruita 18 Road

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  1. nice dude….hopefully ill come out and you can show me around some time soon…keep on keepin on…glad you’re shredding the bike

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