Ethics – A Snapshot

This post is a blog I made instead of posting to a comment thread on Facebook. Trying to feed that monster a bit less on a daily basis. As far as ethics are concerned the main thing that I get hung up on is the question – “Where is our firm ground to stand on?” […]

Cancer Research

An info roundup. Hopefully, some non-cooky advice for you to dig into before or during a period of suffering from cancer. I’m not a doctor. I don’t pretend to be one on the internet. Please always work closely with doctors through your treatment. This info is meant to complement their work and is certainly not […]

Veganism vs Traditional Permaculture

A recent discussion on FB made me want to post it here. I linked to a PBS Nova article about how veganism may not actually be the best thing ecologically for our planet moving forward. This debate is highly nuanced and I don’t think any one book or documentary can adequately capture the full range […]