Japan, Nuclear Energy, and a Smaller Scale Future.

Well, when they say low amount, you know, you need one millionth of a gram of plutonium inhaled into your lung, to give you cancer. They are measuring the external gamma radiation, running around with Geiger counters. But that doesn’t give you any indication at all of the kind of isotopes which make up the […]

Mushrooming fun times on 1/1/11

Spent some time today in the kitchen lab. Created some liquid culture solution and introduced some shiitake culture. I’m spending time lately learning all sorts of smaller techniques that will lead to a well rounded education in the amateur mycology field. Petri dishes with various agar media are next. Some day I’ll actually grow some […]

A Most Action Packed Weekend – Breathwork, Weddings, and Rumney. – Super late post.

This was a whirlwind weekend. It took me till Tuesday to recover. Got to cover a huge diversity of territory, including breathwork, a wedding, and sport climbing in Rumney NH. Thankfully I had great people with me along the way so everything I did was worth it. Breathwork started early Saturday AM and went incredibly […]